Saying that Heart of Mithras is originated in the second corona wave here in Germany would not be 100% accurate. Yes, the most time i invested in the game during that period from October 2020 to march 2021, but the idea of this game has been already formed in the mid of 2018. I always liked to play management games. Especially some with a competetive character you normally have in classical sport management games. So i was playing different Football Manager , Out of the Park, Pro Cycling Manager, Motorsport Manager + many more and i liked them all. I was also interested in a decent eSport Manager, but there was no one existing which was made the way i would like.

So my first steps with Unity in 2018 was aiming to create a decent eSports Manager. My idea was in having a management game where you start with a small team, probably 6-8 guys playing partially EgoShooter and partially Moba games at the end of one of the lowest leagues, rising to a professional eSport Team having dedicated Pro Gamers for each game and taking care for Infrastructure, Team and Trainers, Sponsorship, Tournaments, but also having a decent part of simulating the games, so the chance to win is based on 50% setup of your team and 50% on your own effort and decisions made during the management simulation.

Honestly, this kind of game is still one of my goals, but by time i realized that this kind of game, the way i wanted to create it, is big, too big for a small part time developer :)

I extracted the things which would be the most important, the MVP of such a game. Additionally i always liked dystopian atmosphere games and movies. So the idea of Heart of Mithras raised, a game where you manage a small tactical combat team in a future mega city, separated in thirty districts.

The management part is inspired by a lot if existing management games. You manage your team, staff and headquarter, by suceeding in your matches, you earn some money, improving your team, trainers and buildings, getting a better team and climb to the top of the 3-tiered league in Heart of Mithras. The simulation part itself feels like a counter-strike simulation, where every skill has a big impact on how the soldier behaves. You are having limited control over the movement of your soldiers, defining the target waypoints and movement speed, but the soldiers are doing a lot of decisions by their own, based on their skills, which are having a big impact on what they do and how they perform.

So that is Heart of Mithras, the game i am currently working on and i want to publish on Steam, iPhone, Android. I always wanted to publish something (not sure why, but it seems to be a personal need, i am feeling since years) and now i already invested too much time to stop in the middle. :)

So please check my game and i would be happy if you are interested and/or like it.

If you like to support me there are so much possible ways to do this.

You could either:

  • Add the game to the Steam wishlist
  • Purchase the game when it is available for early access
  • Check the videos and screenshots and give me feedback about your ideas and what you would like or dislike
  • Tell your friends about the game
  • Donate some money, so i could spent some for better game assets (Sounds, Animations, FX, Models, etc..)